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"It's relaxed and you can wear what you want." Keri

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We are trying to get you ready for a work environment, so you should behave sensibly and appropriately, as you would do at work. We use rewards and praise for positive behaviour and have a points system where you can earn Grub Hub gift vouchers. For more information see our Learner Behaviour Policy

Each term we have 2 dedicated days for an external career’s guidance professional from CXK at Liberty to work with you. We also have a full-time work placement and progressions co-ordinator to support you to gain experience is your career choice and work alongside the guidance you have received from CXK. See our Careers page for more info.

We ask that you don't drink energy drinks before or during the course. This is because energy drinks give most people an energy boost, followed by a slump which can lead to mood swings, and this can negatively affect behaviour. It has been proven that they negatively affect your learning.

We have a pool table and an outdoor area called The Courtyard that you can use during your breaks. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor games that can be played during breaks. We also have wi-fi that you can access when you are not in lessons.

We have a dedicated kitchen for students with a filtered water machine for you to make tea, coffee, squash, or water.
We have a lovely little canteen called The Grub Hub. The Grub Hub is open from breakfast and each break time if you would like to purchase any extra snacks or spend your reward vouchers.

If you are entitled to free school meals, you can select from a variety of meals at the Grub Hub. Please let us know your dietary requirements.

If you have financial difficulties and need help paying for lunch, we can help you using our discretionary bursary. Look at the Bursary Policy to find out more.

Smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes/vapes) is not allowed in the building. There is a smoking area outside the building, and an ashtray is provided.

When you are enrolled you will either be allocated to a Monday, Tuesday timetable or a Thursday, Friday timetable. We start the day at 09:00 and finish lessons at 15:30. All break times are supported. 

Session 1 09:00 10:00
Break 10:00 10:10
Session 2 10:10 11:10
Break 11:10 11:20
Session 3 11:20 12:20
Lunch 12:20 13:20
Session 4 13:20 14:20
Break 14:20 14:30
Session 5 14:30 15:30

Wednesdays are slightly different this year, and times vary depending on your chosen subject. Times are in the table below, and you will come in for either session 1 & 2 or session 3 & 4. 

Session 1 09:30 10:45
Break 10:45 10:55
Session 2 10:55 12:10
Lunch 12:10 13:10
Session 3 13:10 14:25
Break 14:25 14:35
Session 4 14:35 15:50

If you struggle to get to Liberty due to financial difficulty, we may be able to help you towards the cost of your bus or train fare using our discretionary bursary. Look at the Bursary Policy to find out more

You can wear what ever you are comfortable in, so long as it's not offensive, for example, no t-shirts with discriminatory slogans on. And nothing too revealing!

We also recommend that you dress appropriately for the weather and for activities, for example, you will need trainers and coats when we do outdoor activities.

For full details on Liberty's dress code please refer to the policy named Dress Code for Learners.

"Its more free, there are no bad rules, you get respect and freedom." Jade

Image of Liberty College activity