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What Our Learners Say

"My time at Liberty was a fulfilling experience, I had a great time learning all I did and enjoyed making new mates. They helped me by discovering more about myself with anger management."


"Liberty helped me develop and improve my social and teamwork skills, since doing the course I have built my confidence. The teaching environment during the course made it easy for me to learn and how to behave in a workplace which has helped me find myself a job in the care industry."


"I was lucky enough to be part of the first Liberty course. I was unemployed and not in education, with no idea what to do next. Whilst at the course I made friends, went to activities I had never done before, gained new qualifications such as my first aid certificate. Shortly after leaving Liberty I volunteered at the Royal School for Deaf Children, within a few months I was being paid. I would never have known about this opportunity or had the confidence to pursue it had it not been for the support of Liberty. There are not enough organisations around like this one! Thank you to everyone who supported me."


"Liberty gives you the ambition to do better for yourself. The people at liberty are all warm hearted and very welcoming, they will help you to the best of their abilities you show your committed to looking for or working towards something. Liberty will notice and reward you for this. I've now been in work for 2-3 years. I didn't even want to look for work until I came to Liberty, so it gave me the ambition to get up and actually do something. I would never look back now."


What Our Parents Say

Amazing staff, amazing place.  My son has come on so much since being at Liberty, he's in his 3rd year and looking forward to next year which is sadly his last year as he will be to old after that.

- 1st Apr 2024

I believe the college is a great place for my child to learn and be supported.  The team are very accommodating and have listened to all my concerns regarding my child’s position at the college.  I believe this is the best college I’ve come across and all staff from reception to tutors are so welcoming, polite and accommodating.  Well done Liberty.

- 1st Apr 2024

My daughter has come on leaps and bounds.  She suffers from social anxiety, while being here that has slowly been getting better.  She has so much support and really enjoys herself.  The staff are all really lovely and approachable.  They care about their students which you can see shining through.  I've recommended this college to numerous parents. 
I was so worried about my daughter going to college,  I couldn't ask for a better college for her to be in. 
Thank you Liberty.

- 1st Apr 2024

" My son started Liberty after a long period out of Education. It's amazing to see the difference coming to Liberty has made. Don't get me wrong we still have our problems but working with professionals who understand his difficulties and work with him to overcome them has made such a difference. His confidence has grown and his attitude to learning has completely changed.

I have also found that rare thing teachers and support workers who are happy to talk to me and keep me up to date, who return phone calls and make Ben the solution not the problem.

I finally feel he is in the right place for him and seeing him slowly blossom has been brilliant. "

Ben's Mum

"Supportive, Encouraging and Understanding. Liberty supports young people in gaining key skills needed for life. Liberty encourage everyone to try but understand that some will need a little extra support and time. They have worked wonders with Mitchell working at his pace to get him back into education and see the point of having maths and English. He is now full of hope for the future and wanting to learn. Fantastic job, well done."

Mitchell's mum

"The staff are so supportive and helpful in all children's needs and adapt to all needs of every individual. They help them progress to move on in their future, whatever the child/young adult decides they want to do."

Ant & Ed mum