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Have Your Say

"You can give your own opinions and feel respected. You also get to plan events, make new friends and its fun!" Chanese

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Liberty Training has a Youth Participation Group that any learner can choose to join. We value your opinions very highly and want to ensure every learner has a chance to voice their opinions through the YPG.

Our YPG meet every 2 months to discuss changes they would like to see at Liberty, including adaptations to the building, marketing and events, and ideas on how to improve our courses. We also run our ideas past the YPG, to get their feedback before implementing changes suggested by our staff team.

This helps us to ensure our service is learner-led and client-centred and looks great on our learners' CVs. The YPG empowers our learners, and helps improve their confidence, communication and sense of community.

If you want to have your say, speak to a member of our team about joining the YPG.

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"I like being in the YPG because your voice gets heard. It helps students that aren't big speakers because we can put their opinions across of what they want or need." Lacye