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" There's not so many people at Liberty, you can go to the toilet and you don't have to ask! " Lauren

Image of Liberty Training Venue

Liberty Training has a fantastic venue right in the heart of Ramsgate town centre, just a short walk from Ramsgate's famous marina and beautiful beaches.

We are located just a 2 minute walk from the Loop bus stop, and a 15 minute walk from Ramsgate train station.

Inside our training centre, you will find friendly and comfortable surroundings with Wi-Fi throughout that you can use during your breaks.

We also have wheelchair access and disabled toilet facilities.

The Chill Zone

This is where our learners spend their break times. There is a pool table and vending machine, sofas and beanbags, and games you can play if it's too cold to go outside.

The Quiet Zone

Chill zone too noisy for you? Why not have a seat on the sofa in the Quiet Zone? This is a peaceful spot where you could read or have a quiet conversation with your friends.

Training Rooms

We have 4 training rooms where the learning happens! You can also spend your break times in here if you prefer.

Motiv8 Room

Equipped with interactive TV/whiteboard, 10 computers and a pool table, this room is on the ground floor and has a separate small room attached, where you can work one to one or in a small group if you want to.

Empower Room

Located on the first floor, the Empower Room has an interactive TV/whiteboard, and a multi-games table so you can play pool, table football or air hockey during your breaks.

Liber8 Room

This room is next to a meeting room, where you can work alone or in a smaller group, and has an interactive TV/whiteboard.

IT Suite

This room is equipped with 10 computers and an interactive whiteboard. You might use this room for your lessons or for one to one work.

" Liberty is a home away from home " Lara

Image of Liberty Training Venue