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Our Values

Our Vision Statement

At Liberty College, we are driven to provide high-quality inclusive specialist educational opportunities that are tailored to the needs of our learners, to transform their lives and empower them make a positive difference in the world around them. We have ambitious goals for the future and a clear vision to lead the way in SEND provision in our local community and across the county through our use of holistic and learner centred approaches.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Liberty Training is to ensure our learners reach their full potential safely, happily, and successfully. Our programmes help develop self-esteem, confidence, employability and maths and English functional skills while having fun.

Our high staff to learner ratios allow our staff to give each learner the personal attention they need to learn new skills and reach their goals. We aim to Motivate our learners to engage, empower them to succeed, and Liberate them from whatever barriers they face.

Our Core Values

Right at the HEART of Liberty Training are our core values. Our commitment to these values expresses our desire to do things right for each individual learner, ensuring they are at the HEART of everything we do to guarantee a learner-centred culture. We expect our staff team and learners to show HEART in everything they do, using our core values as guidelines both in the college and in the wider community.


"We are entitled to have an equal voice."

We recognise that we all need to listen to each other to get the best results. Our learners’ voices are heard, we listen to them and value their opinions. Our learners are the experts in their own lives, so we listen to and act on their feedback, tailoring our service and delivery to meet their individual needs. We ensure we are adaptable, flexible and responsive to the learners needs, and give them a voice in our decision making and policies.


"We want to be seen for the people we are, not our differences"

We promote equality and inclusiveness throughout the college and expect everyone to be treated fairly, with understanding and as individuals. We embrace all aspects of human diversity and value its necessity to create a vibrant learning community. We are committed to providing a learning environment that is supportive, safe and welcoming. We promote equality and diversity to all learners, staff and visitors and it forms a key part of our curriculum.


"We adapt so we can achieve, and keep working until we are successful"

We believe that every single learner is capable of achieving great things. We are committed to helping our learners achieve their goals, not just academically but in every aspect of their lives. We help to do this by having high expectations of all learners and meeting their individual needs in an inclusive, supportive environment with inspirational teaching. We support them to develop skills and strategies to support lifelong goal attainment, such as emotional resilience and determination, so that even when they leave Liberty, our learners will flourish and succeed on their chosen path.


"We treat people as we want to be treated."

We believe that everyone at Liberty should treat others in the same way they would like to be treated. Everyone at Liberty has the right to be treated respectfully, with kindness and understanding, communicating in openly, honestly and consistently while respecting each other’s beliefs and values. We also recognise the importance of respecting our surroundings, including respecting the college building and facilities on-site, and the property, facilities and people we encounter in the wider community.


"We work with others to get things done and do what we say we will."

Teamwork is the value that brings all the other values in our HEART together. We work together at Liberty as one whole college team, helping and supporting each other every day to achieve our group and college goals. We inspire and motivate each other to get our work done, working as a professional team and setting good examples to each other. We appreciate each other and value the different jobs we all do, making sure we are reliable and do what we say we will do, acting with honesty and integrity.